Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monthly Madness: May YA Releases

I'm so excited about this month's many YA releases, but it's hard to keep track of my favorites; so, I thought I'd try to compile the releases I'm most looking forward to into some semblance of order. Anyway. Note that this is far from an exhaustive list of YA releases; it includes (urban) fantasy, dystopian, steampunk and historical, but I'm pretty picky about contemporary novels. (Next month seems pretty packed with releases too, so I'm already speculating about 'Just-Released June'!)

Clicking on the pretty, pretty covers will link to the books' respective Amazon pages. So, without further ado, my May Madness montage, organized by release date (I want them all!):

General Impressions
: Making Divergent my first May-release read might've been a mistake - it's so amazing that it'll be hard to duplicate the fun of that reading experience. That aside, all these books look compulsively readable! Shift and Illusions are sequels that I have been eagerly awaiting. The cover of Tighter kind of creeps me out (that fog and the obscured limbs), but the description is intriguing. Beauty Queens looks like a fun, fresh take on a Lord of the Flies type story. Sigh. So many books, so little May.

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